Baby Care Play Mat Provides Safe and Hygienic Area for Babies to Play

The Baby Care Play Mat's unique design helps babies to develop motor and coordination skills such as crawling and walking while having fun.

Mothers love baby play mats because they create safe, designated areas for babies to play in the home. Bright, colorful play mats can be very useful in helping a child to develop spatial awareness. In addition, mats like these help babies to develop motor and coordination skills such as crawling and walking.

With this in mind, G&G has bought a unique play mat to the market.

Features of the baby care play mat are:

– For variety, the map is reversible with a completely different design on each side. – It can be used on practically any flat surface – concrete, wood floors, even carpeting.- It is primarily for home use. Due to its weight and size it is difficult to fold up for travel. However, when not in use, it can be folded up and moved off to the side or to another room in the house.- It is water repellent, so spilt drinks do not get absorbed into the mat. To clean, simply use baby or disinfectant wipes.

– It is perfectly safe for babies to learn how to crawl and walk. If they fall down, the mat is thick enough to cushion their bodies. As the baby becomes more mobile, moms can easily surround the mat with a baby gate to keep her contained in a safe space

“This product is made from only the finest quality materials and most appropriate materials to ensure safety. All Baby Play Care mats are made with a non-toxic PVC called eco-friendly PVC. This is a very different material from traditional PVC that is known for its toxicity concerns due to the use of plasticizers like phthalates. Non-toxic eco-friendly PVC, which is used in medical equipment, toys, and households, is completely free of phthalates and has been tested and proven safe for humans. In addition, these mats contain no formaldehyde, no heavy metals including lead and mercury and no BPA. All toxins in the materials are removed by I&S toxic removal technology and pass all Regulation and Product Standards in the States and EU.” says a representative of G&G.

Baby Care Play Mat review

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