Baby Automatic Nail Trimmer Electric File Painless Care Product Launched

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Online baby care store Shopolum announced the launch of BabyTrim, an automated nail trimmer designed for babies. Featuring flexible pads and two power levels, the electric trimmer is designed for safe and painless nail trimming.

Shopolum, an online store specializing in baby and toddler products, launched BabyTrim, an automated nail trimmer designed for painless baby nail filing. The battery-powered nail trimmer ensures a gentle trimming without harming the surrounding skin.

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Baby nail trimming is essential to protect babies from scratching their face, and it can also prevent nail biting. Due to the small size and the rapid growth of baby nails, this procedures should typically be done more than once a week – a serious inconvenience if one lacks adequate trimmers or scissors.

BabyTrim was designed to facilitate painless and efortless baby nail trimming while eliminating the risk of injuring the surrounding skin. The electric trimmer features no sharp edges, ensuring a safe trimming for even the most restless babies.

The trimmer is based on an exchangeable oscillating file which can be adjusted, depending on the hardness and length of each baby’s fingernails. BabyTrim allows users to choose between two power settings for extra trimming comfort.

Each automated trimmer comes with four cushioned pads designed for different baby growth stages.

Unlike other similar electric products, BabyTrim does not produce a loud buzzing noise, minimizing the risk of scaring or agitating the baby. The ergonomic and practical design makes the trimmer easy to hold and operate.

For extra visibility, BabyTrim features a dedicated night light allowing for precise, painless trimming.

The new product is part of Shopolum’s continuous effort to provide high-quality curated baby care products.

A spokesperson for the company said: “At Shopolum, we believe high quality, well-designed and durable products can be made available at sensible prices. Through our global network of supply and logistic partners and our highly cost-efficient supply chain, we cut out unnecessary overheads of traditional brick-and-mortar retail and bring products direct to our customers.”

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