B2B E commerce Solution: Affordable Extended Functionally

Now available, SheyWare was created specify for B2B companies that want to succeed through better ecommerce, marketing, sales and management capabilities, even if they don't have a lot to invest.

Whether the Internet is still a level playing field for businesses is certainly debatable, especially for companies that sell in the highly competitive business-to-business (B2B) marketplace. As website responsiveness, catalog functionality, search engine recognition, and automation became bigger factors in sustaining an business online, only those companies that could afford the right ecommerce software managed to really get ahead and stay ahead. The bigger a company and the more investment freedom it had, the easier it was for that company to stay at the top, while smaller businesses continued to stagnate and shrink, despite notions of unlimited growth potential online.

Mark York, owner and CEO of the Internet marketing company, ROIGroup watched this happen with his own B2B clients. Their dilemma was clear, without the ample investment needed for top notch B2B ecommerce software, and all the functionally therein, there wasn’t much hope to compete with larger, more established manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers online. No matter how much effort he and his clients put in to web marketing and sales campaigns, lasting success hinged on the ability to reach more customers, automate individual sales procedures, manage inventory, satisfy existing clients, and customize specific features as they pertain to an individual type of business and company. Though all of these capabilities were certainly available, Mark York knew he’d have to solve the problem of affordability for his clients.

After years of development, the solution now comes in the form of SheyWare. SheyWare is a B2B ecommerce platform that has been built specifically for the needs of manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, wholesalers and other businesses that sell to other companies. It has been designed with specific B2B companies in mind. For that reason, it was made to be scalable and affordable for even the smallest organization, while still delivering the features and functionality that, for a long time, only the big companies could afford. SheyWare is a single piece of software that is comprised of a series of tools, modules and add-ons. Individual features allow for ecommerce functionality, expansive catalog and inventory management, content creation, marketing campaign building and deployment, comprehensive reporting, extensive sales team support, and many other capabilities.

SheyWare has been designed to be customizable on highly detailed levels, while still enabling companies to automate and streamline many of their existing business practices. To further the software’s scalability and to ensure that B2B companies do not pay for more than what they need, SheyWare is now available in three different versions, each with a variety of extensions. Companies are able to choose from the Showroom Edition, which has been developed specifically for wholesalers and product based sellers; the LeadGen Edition, for companies that have made lead generation a priority and that sell based on RFQs; and the Commerce Edition, which offers a combination of the Showroom and LeadGen editions, as well as a full array of other online selling, marketing, and business management tools.

Following the foundation of ROIGroup and using his expertise in B2B Internet marketing and sales, Mark York has built SheyWare as search engine marketing and online authority building solution for the modern world, emphasizing that “The proper authority positioning and the appearance and functionality of your website in your market is critical to augmenting your company’s perceived value within your market.” To help create that perceived and actual value, SheyWare is now available for purchase and as a templated version. More information and a full discussion on SheyWare is also available in an on-demand webinar, which users can signup to view on SheyWare’s website.

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