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Lee Nourse, a professional copywriter with 27 years of experience in English language instruction, launched a variety of B2B copywriting services. As a member of AWAI, she strives to offer target-suited writing services such as direct response copywriting, web content creation, editing and proofreading.

Lee Nourse, a professional copywriter with extensive background in English language teaching and a member of the American Writers and Artists, Inc (AWAI) launched extensive B2B copywriting services including web content, direct response copies, white papers, research and proofreading.

More information is available at http://leenoursecopywriting.com.

Online marketing has recently grown to considerable proportions, as more and more people turn to the internet in search of the best service providers. As companies strive to reach visible Google rankings, they sometimes use aggressive ranking strategies that neglect content in favor of high keyword density, backlinking and spam posting.

However, quality content is among the most important marketing tools currently available. Content marketing is extremely powerful in that it attracts potential clients not by direct marketing strategies, but by providing them with quality information. In doing so, the business builds credibility and trust.

While generic keyword-dense content may be written by any website owner, powerful content normally requires a degree of writing expertize usually obtainable only after extensive training. Similarly, e-mail marketing and direct response copywriting are ineffective if they are not designed with copywriting principles in mind.

Lee Nourse is a professional copywriter with 27 years of experience in English language instruction. As a member of AWAI, she strives to provide comprehensive b2b copywriting services, from web content to white paper and direct response copywriting.

Research is crucial to quality web content and content marketing. Lee Nourse uses both online and offline resources in her research, in an attempt to find the relevant facts that will contribute to quality content.

Direct response copywriting is extremely important in that it has the potential to make readers take immediate action and contact the company as soon as they read the copy. Lee Nourse undertakes extensive preliminary studies of the target audience, in order to discover their needs and expectations. This way she ensures the copy will be as effective as possible.

Other services offered include white papers, case studies, web content creation, editing and proofreading and content strategy. Holiday Specials are also available for new clients.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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