B2B Consulting Businesses Should Take Care When Selecting Social Media Channels

Small business owners are swamped for choice when it comes to choosing an effective social media platform for customer engagement.

Craig Ridley, Head Business Coach at YourBusinessCoachingClub said today that choosing a social media platform to use in a B2B consulting business is not a straight forward process.

“Business owners can be swamped for choice” Mr Ridley said. “Many small business owners don’t have a strong understanding of social media options which makes it easy to become overwhelmed and as a result, many businesses are failing to capitalize on the marketing opportunities.”

In a small business coaching master class session for members of YourBusinessCoachingClub, Mr Ridley outlined a number of key issues to consider when choosing the most effective social media platform for a B2B consulting business. These included:

No one social media platform will suit every business.

The most effective platform will be the one where most of the customers of the small business spend time.

Small business owners should choose a small number of platforms and make sure they work those platforms really well. A common mistake many make is to spread their efforts across too many platforms with the result that no one platform is done well.

As a suggestion, Mr Ridley suggested LinkedIn was a good site to use as the professional communication channel, Facebook can be used to create deeper personal relationships with customers and Instagram and Pinterest are appropriate platforms where the business is in a visual based industry.

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