Ayurvedic Chakra Incense Sticks Set For Yoga Meditation And Aromatherapy Announced

The Ocea Creations announced the premiere Chakras incense set with natural, hand dipped and Ayurvedically formulated incense sticks that burn for 60 minutes ideal for meditation, yoga, relaxation, aromatherapy and Chakra alignment, is now available on Amazon.

The acclaimed Ocea Creations has announced it is now distributing the popular and coveted Chakras Incense set with 140 Ayurvedically formulated incense sticks for yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and Chakra balancing, on Amazon.

More information is available at https://amazon.com/Chakras-Natural-Incense-Meditation-Relaxation/dp/B06ZZTG56Q/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1493746537&sr=8-4&keywords=chakras+incense&tag=sybk-20.

Burning incense is an age old tradition popular among just about every culture since the beginning of time and nowadays the perfect companion for those who like to mediate, practice yoga or use aromatherapy to fill their environment with natural, soothing and calming aromas that can help them reflect, relax or unwind.

For those looking to couple their yoga, meditation or aromatherapy with unique, natural aromas and the balancing or alignment of their core chakras, the renowned Ocea Creations has announced it is now distributing its highly popular and coveted Chakras incense set with 140 Ayurvedically formulated incense sticks on Amazon.

The premiere Chakras incense set offers different packs of natural, hand dipped eleven inch incense sticks made according to ancient traditions and a quality wood burner that allows anyone to burn the incense for 60 minutes, diffuse multiple unique, soothing aromas and balance or stimulate each of their core chakras, including the Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Ajna and Sahasrara.

More information on the Ocea Creations Chakras incense set and how they can be the perfect companion for mediation, reflection, yoga or aromatherapy with the different benefits each chakra incense can provide and the unique aromas each has to offer can be consulted at the website link provided above along with details on its current discount specials and updates on its soon to be expanded product line which will include cones, longer incense sticks and essential oils.

The Ocea Creations team explains that “this Chakras incense sticks set is a great gift for people who meditate, do yoga or wish to relax and prosper with all the benefits each chakra incense can provide, from balancing a specific chakra to filling their environment with the different unique, natural and soothing aromas they each have to offer. Each stick is made, with great care, according to ancient traditions and burns for 60 minutes so everyone can enjoy spiritual calm for longer.”

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