AyannaK is encouraging children to be Inspired By Reality!

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Inspired by Reality: Aleena’s Fashion Adventures, which is an inspirational journey about a girl exploring the world of fashion in Paris with her mother, can be purchased on all major platforms.

Inspired by Reality: Aleena’s Fashion Adventures dives into an inspirational journey about a girl named Aleena that receives the opportunity of a lifetime to travel and explore the world of fashion in Paris with her mother. As she explores different fashion exhibits, she envisions herself wearing the clothing and hairstyles during the different time periods. Aleena goes from wearing an Elizabethan jacket in the 1600s and standing in the middle of the royal court, to the roaring twenties wearing a flapper dress. Follow Aleena’s adventures as her mind allows her thoughts to become reality, and she discovers she is closer to her dreams than she ever imagined! It is an empowering book for young readers who have aspirations and dreams while exploring their capabilities. This book not only deals with a young, aspiring fashion designer. It is also a feel-good inspirational book that encourages young minds to pursue their dreams because the possibilities are endless. AyannaK encourages children to know that there are no limits to imagination and to always dream big! In the beginning of the book Aleena makes the statement “I want to make beautiful clothes, too!” This is a key moment that led to her traveling to the fashion capital of the world! Being Inspired by Reality means to understand that you can achieve anything you set your mind to and walk confidently in your purpose in life. AyannaK was inspired to write this book based on her 3-year old niece, Aleena. Aleena has always had a very vivid imagination. AyannaK was amazed by Aleena’s ability to be so unintentionally creative and develop stories around her outfits. Amazing moments like this sparked the beginning stages of the book. Aleena’s imagination opens the door for opportunities and inspiration for others. As a fashion designer herself, AyannaK felt empowered to create this book. It is important that children know their imagination is a part of what makes them so amazing.

Traveling to Paris, fashion, dreams, hopes, ambition, fearlessness, and imagination is the right concoction for Inspired by Reality: Aleena’s Fashion Adventures. Moreover, it is also a perfect book to encourage all children to dream big because opportunities are waiting for them. With all the details of Paris, fashion from different eras, ambition, and how to pursue it endlessly, the book will be sure to unlock barriers to your imagination. What’s more, it radiates the power and positivity within you. By the end, you will truly be Inspired by Reality! This book has a lot to give emotionally, morally, and unconditionally, and allows children to be fearless with their dreams and open the door to endless possibilities.

AyannaK is a world-renowned designer, serial entrepreneur, author, and speaker. AyannaK graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in apparel product design from the University of North Carolina. She developed an early knack for designing at 10-years-old. She would always create trendy clothing for her dolls from scrap fabric pieces. Now, at only 27-years-old, she is the owner and head designer of AyannaK Designs. Her company specializes in kitchen accessories. Some of her featured products include oven mitts, aprons, chef hats, and skillet handles. Her kitchen accessories have become popular over time as she has traveled around the world selling her products at major events and online. So far, she has created and sold over 5,000 items and this number continues to increase. While in Paris, an unexpected turn of events occur as Aleena’s imagination takes her on the real journey. Which then help create Inspired by Reality: Aleena’s Fashion Adventures.

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