Aya Natural, Launches New, Anti Aging Vegan 100% Natural Night Repair Cream

Aya Natural, premiere cosmetics company, has recently launched a new advanced vegan 100% Natural Night Cream in the quest to provide the best safe skin care products. This all natural anti-aging nighttime intensive repair cream is designed for skin firming and restorative wrinkle repair

In the quest to expand its product range and provide the best safe products to its dedicated clientele, Aya Natural, premiere cosmetics company, has recently launched its vegan anti-aging 100% Natural Night Cream, which provides deep hydration, skin firming, and restorative nighttime intensive wrinkle repair.

After thorough research and development, the company’s natural cosmetics experts came up with the ingenious recipe for the Aya Natural 100% Natural Night Cream.

The night cream’s advanced formula is a blend of all-natural herbal oils and herbal extracts, at a perfect ratio, which brings out the best of each ingredient’s natural properties. Following a full-ingredient disclosure policy, Aya Natural publishes its 100% Natural Night Cream’s ingredient list.

The Aya Natural 100% Natural Night cream’s formula which contains olive; sweet almond; jojoba; avocado; evening primrose; lavender; and citrus-based (grapefruit, lemon and bergamot) oils, was perfected with the inclusion of some of the best ingredients available in the skin care industry, such as shea butter, honeysuckle flower extract, and vitamin E.

Free of chemicals; artificial fragrances; colors; alcohol; SLS; animal or petrochemical ingredients, the company’s 100% Natural Night Cream is a premium, all-natural, vegan dermocosmetic. The product is meant to be used at night time, as it penetrates deeply into the skin, hydrating it, and working to restore any signs of aging, such as wrinkles, in the face and neck area.

Aya Natural is proud to have received positive feedback from customers who rave about the 100% Natural Night Cream’s results. Says Jane, an Aya Natural customer “I love the consistency of the cream and how it feels on my face and I love the fact that it’s all-natural, cruelty-free and PETA-approved vegan. As a vegan, this really appeals to me. It moisturizes without feeling oily or too watery. Highly recommended!” added Jessica, another enthusiastic customer “The night cream is very gentle and you can smell all the natural ingredients. It keeps your skin hydrated & moisturized and doesn’t leave the face oily in the morning. “

Commenting on Aya Natural’s founding principles, the company’s CEO, Mr. Jamal Hamoud, stated that “It’s our motto at Aya Natural that if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t be using it on your skin!”

The Aya Natural 100% Natural Night Cream has recently become available on Amazon.com – http://beautynaturalsecrets.com/best-night-cream-anti-aging-therapy

The company is planning to release even more innovative, natural products, which pledge to fulfill the eco-conscious and vegan skincare crowd’s needs, soon.

To learn more about the Aya Natural night cream, please visit: http://beautynaturalsecrets.com/best-night-cream-anti-aging-therapy

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