Axcess FX US Trading Software Review and Research Comparison Hub Updated

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Axcess FX, a trading software and research hub designed to help American forex traders improve their long-term strategies, updated its services to offer a wide range of valuable insights.

Axcess FX, a trading software review and research hub focusing on the US market, announced that it has upgraded its services. Traders who want to include automated trading as part of their strategy can now find various solutions targeted to their needs.

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The latest announcement aims to help traders to buy and sell with more ease and flexibility.

Axcess FX offers various comparison resources within the forex space, including reviews for the best forex robots and signals. Articles also cover specific forex software reviews, covering a wide range of trading styles.

Trading insights are also available. All articles are written after carrying out extensive research and comprehensive fact-checking.

All services are provided to help traders develop their skills over time. The company works with expert contributors to put together informative pieces about the forex industry.

Besides comparison pieces and general trading insights, Axcess FX also publishes articles about how to use forex software. Site visitors will learn how they can set up software that works best for their strategy and automates their buying and selling each week.

The latest announcement is in line with Axcess FX’s mission to help forex traders grow their knowledge over time and adopt sustainable long-term trading strategies.

Axcess FX was founded by Chris Gillie, who is also the website’s lead contributor. Gillie is a former investment banker who worked in FX Sales on the UBS London trading floor. Chris has been using forex trading software as part of his trading set-up since the late 2000s. He founded Axcess FX in 2020 to share his knowledge with others.

Commenting on the upgrading of Axcess FX’s research and review hub, Gillie said: “The impact that the pandemic has had on the US economy means that many Americans are looking to forex as an alternative way to boost their income. Since we’re not taught about trading and investing in school, new traders must have online resources they can trust.

“By upgrading Axcess FX’s services, I hope that our contributors’ expertise can provide extra value and help more people become successful traders. But beyond that, I also expect that they will learn more about trading in a way that both suits them and is sustainable in the long term.”

Readers interested in finding out more about Axcess FX’s upgraded software review and research hub can do so at the website mentioned above.

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