AWMEX has obtained new regional license, creating new trading mode of seconds contract

Recently, a well-known financial services company, AWMEX, announced that it has obtained a business license from...

Recently, a well-known financial services company, AWMEX, announced that it has obtained a business license from the government of the Republic of Vanuatu to provide services to more overseas users in compliance. AWMEX digital asset trading platform is operated by AWMEX International Information, Inc., which is registered in the UK to provide financial services for digital assets. It also has a business license for the UK Companies Act 2006 and a business license for the Dubai Multi-Commodity Exchange.

From 2016 to 2018, AWMEX didn't go through the chaotic market without supervision, but chose to study in depth. Before the official establishment of AWMEX digital asset trading platform, team members collected more than one year of market data, analyzed the ecological distribution of the industry, and supported the most difficult and valuable projects of the digital asset trading platform with the support of data.

AWMEX set up the kind of digital asset trading platform. After many modeling tests, AWMEX has determined the seconds contract as an innovative trading mode.

First, the contract and seconds contract transactions of AWMEX digital assets trading platform will be valued in BTUSD stable currency, and BTUSD currency will be a stable currency. In the future, many digital assets trading platforms will be launched, and currency trading pairs will be opened. Meanwhile, it will be used as the unit of valuation of contracts and seconds contracts of several digital assets trading platforms.

The so-called seconds contract refers to the prediction of the future price rise/fall of a digital currency at a certain time (30 seconds, 60 seconds, 180 seconds later) compared with the opening time. The number of seconds contracts open can be 10BTUSD, 20BTUSD, 30BTUSD, 50BTUSD, 100BTUSD, 200BTUSD, 500BTUSD, 1000BTUSD and 5000BTUSD.Transaction currencies include, but are not limited to, BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS and ETC. The opening time of the second contract is 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 180 seconds respectively. According to the different opening time of the second contract, the profit rate of the 30 seconds contract is 80%, the 60 seconds contract is 77%, and the 180 seconds contract is 75%. In other words, the shorter the time, the higher the profit rate.

At the time of settlement, the digital cash price at the end of the opening time will be compared with the price at the opening time. If the forecast rise/fall is correct, the corresponding income will be obtained. The revenue equation is:

Revenue = the number of open BTUSD coins * profit margin, and vice versa, the corresponding open BTUSD coins are deducted.

The platform charges 2% of the opening fee, which is deducted from the balance of the account.

For example, a user C chooses BTC as the currency of a transaction. At this time, the balance of C's account in AWMEX platform is 50BTUSD. At the beginning of the transaction, C chooses to open 20 BTUSD coins for 30 seconds, and buys the up. At this time, the platform will freeze the deposit of 20BTUSD coin and deduct the handling fee of 20BTUSD coin *2%=0.4BTUSD coin. At the end of opening time, that is, 30 seconds later, if the BTC price rises, then C will gain 20BTUSD * 80% (which is the 30 seconds profit rate) = 16BTUSD, and the account balance at this time is 50BTUSD - 0.4BTUSD + 16BTUSD = 65.6BTUSD, but unfortunately, when the BTC price falls after 30 seconds, then the 20BTUSD coin invested by A at opening time will not be returned. At this time, the account balance is 50BTUSD coin. Coin - 0.4BTUSD - 20BTUSD = 29.6BTUSD.

The biggest advantage of this trading model is that the investment cycle is short, the return rate is extremely high, and the return rate is the lowest, which is 75%. For users who have not yet held digital cash, this is a huge investment value. Due to the short investment cycle, users do not need to keep an eye on the market. The minimum time to complete a transaction is 30 seconds. In addition, through multiple transactions, they are able to fully and effectively understand the market trends of digital cash, and pre-heat and learn for users to directly hold digital cash for investment.

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