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Finding the right person for the job is a daunting task, especially in the digital age where job sites can bring in a massive influx of resumes, both qualified and unqualified. According to, there are a number of reasons why people leave their job, including stress and lack of work/life balance. Among the top five is an unhealthy or undesirable culture within the workplace.

Executive search firms like Waterstone Human Capital wade through the chaff and finds the right individual for the position who will enhance the office culture rather than hinder it. By offering services that will improve an organization’s performance, they also see their brand grow and thrive. A person’s skill, knowledge, habits, and personality make up their personal capital, and this combination in the right amounts is what makes someone a valuable employee that will improve a business’s culture.

A poor workplace culture can lead to low morale, which is often the leading cause of decreased productivity, and one of the main reasons good qualified people leave their positions. It’s difficult to want to stay at a job when the culture isn’t what they expect it to be. The cost that comes with losing a highly qualified employee and having to retrain a new one can hold a company back from meeting its goals.

However, if a business already has all the right people in the right positions, the workplace culture will thrive and lead to a more productive environment. This is evident in all of Canada’s top workplaces.

Award-winning executive search firms, like Waterstone, find their clients the perfect candidates that will contribute to a positive work culture. Since 2003, they have improved the working environments of numerous high-growth organizations across North America. Promoting corporate culture has lead their clients to see extensive growth and performance.

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