Awake RÄVIK – The iconic leader in Electric Surfboarding Technology

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Awake is a premium electric water sports company based in Sweden that produces high-performance products with visual and technical excellence.

Limhamn, Sweden – A company that produces state of the art electric surfing technology, Awake has designed a category-jolting board that offers precision, agility, and power: The RÄVIK. Described as an electric surfboard, the RÄVIK is essentially a battery-powered board that accelerates simply by pressing the button on it’s wireless throttle. The board is steered by directional balancing following the body’s movements, much like a regular surfboard.

The RÄVIK is designed with lightweight composite materials for maximum speed and strength. Materials such as carbon fiber also protect internal electrical components from damage upon impact. The motor and battery pack work in tandem to meet Awake’s demanding requirements, thrusting the board up to 30 knots.

Additionally, the battery pack delivers up to 40 minutes of mixed riding and features a LED indicator to show the rider when it’s time to head back to shore.

Awake’s policy is that safety is of utmost importance when it comes to water sports. This is why the RÄVIK comes with several safety features, including a magnetically-triggered power key that prevents the board from speeding off without its rider after falling off. Important features such as system temperature monitoring and automatic shutdown when the board is upside down add value by putting safety first.

Awake has taken every measure of quality and care into consideration when designing their state of the art electric surfboard. Garnering feedback from users and testing their products in Sweden’s vigorous natural environment, Awake strives to combine a safe experience with the adrenaline and exciting sensation of boarding. The RÄVIK includes everything a rider needs: an exchangeable battery, wireless throttle, speed charger, foot straps, and more. In addition, Awake’s mobile application enables custom power output to ensure that every rider is guaranteed a great experience, regardless of skill level.

Advances in sports technology now give riders maximum independence and freedom when it comes to control. The RÄVIK is the ultimate tool for achieving a fast, safe, and controlled ride, on the waves or on still waters. Water sports have never been more agile, and riders can enjoy the open sea with the knowledge that their product has been designed specifically to ensure their satisfaction and enjoyment.

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