Avoid Utility Price Hikes In Palm Desert CA With Solar Panel Installation

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Option One Solar is providing solar panel installation services for homeowners in Palm Desert, CA, and throughout High Desert and San Bernardino county areas to help stop utility rate hikes.

Clients can choose a suitable solution for their property from the company’s expanded range of installations, including pitched and flat roof, carport-mounted, and even ground-mount installations. Option One Solar offers a professional assessment to determine the optimal size and type of solar modules based on the client’s energy needs.

More information is available at https://optiononesolar.com/california/palm-desert-solar-installation

Studies show that electricity in Southern California costs 45% more than in the United States on average. The average monthly bill for homeowners has increased by $14 in 2021 and these costs are expected to grow further. Option One Solar’s newly announced services allow Californians to install solar panels that will meet some or even all of their energy needs, significantly reducing their bills.

The Palm Desert climate creates optimal conditions for utilizing solar energy. The area’s residents enjoy approximately 269 sunny days per year, which is two months more than in the United States on average. Installing solar panels in this area provides a high return on investment, saving homeowners thousands of dollars in electricity bills.

According to Option One Solar’s estimate, the average cost of going solar is $14,250, while the energy costs savings over 20 years can reach $55,000, yielding a return on investment of $40,750. Learn more at https://optiononesolar.com/the-1-way-to-stop-skyrocketing-electric-bills

Clients who would like to get a more precise estimate of how much they can save with a solar installation can receive a consultation. Option One Solar’s experts analyze the household’s energy usage and assess the property to determine the type of panels that should be used and where they should be placed.

The company then prepares a cost-benefit report, providing the client with an estimate of their total cost, payoff period, and total savings. Their engineers create a plan design that is then sent to the city for approval and permits. Once the permits are obtained, the solar panels are installed, which typically takes one or two days.

“Option One Solar was our choice for solar after looking into various other companies,” said a satisfied client. “The entire process was a great experience, from the design work with KC to the final installation. Option One’s installation crew did a very professional and clean job.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://optiononesolar.com/get-a-quote

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