Avoid Amputation Non Healing Chronic Wound Doctors Case Study Book Launched

Wound Healing Secrets, a new book by Dr Julie and Dr Rob Hamilton, has been launched. It offers key insights into non healing wounds and how to avoid amputation.

A new book has been launched to help patients with chronic wounds to avoid amputation, geared towards the 7 million people in the US with non healing wounds that are facing amputation now. It was written from the ground up to help more people reclaim their life.

For more information please visit the website here: http://HealingYourWound.com

The site explains that there are nearly 7 million Americans with a non healing wound across the country. For those sufferers, or their family members, the book offers key insights for those who are struggling to heal while suffering from pain and debilitation.

Wound Healing Secrets details information on non healing wounds, and offers insight into case studies and data on how previous patients’ experiences can positively impact recovery.

In addition to this, it offers discussion about specialty wound care, conversations about new and exciting healing therapies, and more.

The book is written by Dr Julie Hamilton and Dr Rob Hamilton, who have specialist expertise in chronic wound care and healing using a variety of methods that have been proven to be effective.

Together, they have taken care of thousands of patients with chronic wounds, and through this experience combined with their own expertise, they have developed a unique approach to chronic wound care. This approach combines many facets of medicine.

The doctors have 40 years of experience combined, and are familiar with most modern medicine practices. The duo explains that they choose to use natural, alternative medicine where possible to ensure holistic healing.

What’s more, because each injury situation is unique, they offer tailored treatment to suit the needs of each individual. However, despite that, each case is also about one thing: healing the patients’ life.

This is where the new book can help, offering detailed information and guidance for anyone suffering from chronic wounds. The book is available now, and interested parties can sign up to receive the first chapter free.

Those wishing to find out more about the book can visit their website on the link provided above.

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