Avantra Opens up About SAP Basis and how Important it Is for System Health

Avantra Opens up About SAP Basis and how Important it Is for system health of many enterprises and managed service providers

Avantra, a developer of industry-leading AIOps platform for SAP operations, released more information regarding its platform and SAP Basis—what it is and its benefits.

SAP Basis is a type of platform specifically designed for administration. It supports SAP applications across a broad range of systems. If it was to be explained in a simpler manner, it would be that SAP Basis is what allows SAP environments to run efficiently and without a hitch. SAP Basis manages a vast amount of tasks like the installation and configuration of SAP applications, data backups, and problem troubleshooting.

SAP Basis monitoring is an essential part of any system’s health maintenance strategy. Most organizations that work in SAP environments typically have a team of Basis administrators whose sole responsibility is to monitor SAP Basis.

Now, thanks to Avantra’s SAP Basis monitoring, there is no longer a need for an entire team of administrators. Users can automate and streamline all of these tasks with ease.

Making use of Avantra’s platform eliminates the gaps within an organization’s monitoring. Over time, it will increase the health of their SAP environment.

Avantra’s primary goal is to eliminate the need for repetitive SAP operations, as well as to reduce business costs and deliver an enterprise that is self-healing. It has a firm belief that if a business focuses solely on forming the foundations of its operations, it will eventually reduce outages and improve overall audit compliance.

They focus on customers’ trust and experience, many enterprises and managed service providers trust Avantra to deliver unified operations whether on-premise, in the cloud, SaaS, or hybrid, across both Build and Run operations.

Avantra puts customer experience at the heart of everything they do. They know that if they provide an outstanding experience their customers will stay with them for life and recommend them to their friends and network. So they are proud to have one of the best customer retention rates in the industry.

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