Avantra Discusses RISE with SAP, What it Is, and Problems it May Have

Avantra Discusses RISE with SAP, What it Is, and Problems it May Have Read On To Find Out More

Today, Avantra updated one of its blog posts about RISE with SAP, and starting off by talking more about what it is and SAP’s current problems. RISE with SAP presented itself as a way to shift towards a more intelligent enterprise.

RISE with SAP was announced in Q3 2020. The term ‘SAP RISE’ doesn’t actually stand for anything and was formerly SAP Cloud Nine. RISE with SAP is not actually a product, it is a go-to market (GTM) motion that’s based on three fundamental pillars: business process simplification/transformation, the move to S/4HANA, and infrastructure-run operations.

A RISE with SAP contract typically includes multiple things, such as: software, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and some Cloud Managed Services (CMS). However, RISE with SAP does not include Cloud Managed Services and Application Managed Services, If a user wishes for these additions, then they can contract a Managed Services Provider or set up these services themselves.

These days though, the biggest problem has to do with people, processes, and technology itself. Customers would like to move to S/4HANA, but the number of skilled consultants within the market is dangerously low, and the process to upgrade is different for each individual customer. There is, of course, also a lack of automation.

SAP as a whole has a host of additional issues: it has lost control of the customer conversation, hyperscalers are currently driving cloud migrations, and integrators of systems are currently driving business process optimisation and consulting. As a way to deal with this issue, SAP created an internal project which it has been aptly named MOVE, and which was intended to upgrade customers to their latest SAP S/4HANA software.

To find out more about RISE with SAP, or read the FAQ Avantra has provided, please visit its website at the following URL: https://www.avantra.com/

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