Avantra Discuss Its Top 5 Ways to Manage a Complex SAP Environment

Avantra today spoke out to discuss what they believe to be the top 5 ways that businesses can manage their complex SAP environments more effectively

The AIOps experts at Avantra published a recent post titled “5 Ways to Manage a Complex SAP Environment” where they offered tips for effectively running an SAP environment with ease. They mention that automation, operational visibility, and root-cause analysis are among the list of things that allow for better SAP management.

One of the points raised was that the majority of organisations are now beginning to shift over to SAP automation in the cloud. This gradual change causes the environment to become a hybrid with one or sometimes multiple cloud providers, which can cause increased complexity. As such, cloud migrations end up not being as cheap as first touted. Cloud automation solutions should be landscape-wide and include the ability to scale the cloud in real time based on resources.

Avantra also pointed out that SAP landscapes should be complete. A good example of how system-wide visibility can help prevent problems is that it gives advanced insight into development and production versions and patches running in a landscape.

Finally, a SAP landscape should be able to track auditable configuration and compliance changes. Data governance and compliance are important for all companies, and it’s essential that an SAP environment and SAP Master Data Management system protect data carefully. To avoid any issues during the auditing process, it’s advised to ensure systems are tracking each and every configuration change.

Avantra’s primary goal is to eliminate the need for businesses to make use of repetitive SAP operations, as well as reduce their overall cost to serve while also delivering the ability to run a self-healing enterprise. Avantra believes that businesses grow best when they have a sturdy foundation of operations set in place.

SAP customers tend to be under pressure to improve the business experience, reduce outages, and improve compliance whilst also delivering digital transformation. Discover how Avantra can help businesses overcome these operational challenges. Watch a short demo or better yet, try Avantra free for a limited time at the following URL: https://www.avantra.com/

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