Avantix digital scanning services on panel for digitisation of heritage material

Avantix digital scanning services has been appointed to the Supply Panel to provide digitisation of heritage materials for State Library New South Wales.

Avantix has been appointed to the State Library New South Wales’ Supply Panel for the Digitisation of Heritage Materials. The Library’s landmark digitisation program will see the digitisation of millions of items from their unrivalled collection of historically significant printed materials, including books, pamphlets and catalogues.

The Supply Panel for the Digitisation of Heritage Materials is an important step towards the State Library New South Wales’ aim to provide digital copies of significant and at-risk heritage collections, enhancing their discoverability, access and preservation. Avantix would like to congratulate State Library New South Wales on their far-sightedness in envisioning such a grand project that will have a lasting impact on all Australians.

Avantix are one of Australia’s largest information processing solutions companies. Duncan Lord, CEO of Avantix, is proud of the company’s selection to the Supply Panel, saying: ‘It is good to play a part in making the history of Australia more accessible to Australia and the world.’

Potential panel members were rigorously evaluated in terms of their experience and capability. ‘It was all about capability and experience,’ Duncan says. ‘Avantix was able to showcase strengths in an even playing-field. Quality was the focus.’

This work for the Supply Panel will be anything but straightforward, requiring the full suite of book scanning services that Avantix provides. These are no ordinary books; many items are fragile, complex and rare. At times, multiple pieces of scanning hardware will be required to complete the digitisation of a single item. Highly proficient use of technical software will be needed to ensure that items are safely and efficiently handled during the scanning process.

Digitisation of heritage materials by Supply Panel members will ensure that millions of items from the State Library’s collection will become accessible to academics, students and others. Descriptive metadata, that will be added to the digitised materials by the State Library of NSW, means that items will be more discoverable to these same people.

This means that, from the comfort of their computer, a family member can read their soldier relative’s diary from World War One, a PhD student can research early life in Sydney without having to travel and a fashionista can explore clothing catalogues from their favourite era. The library’s digital collection will offer a treasure-trove of information.

More detail about the panel appointment can be found on the Avantix website.

Avantix provides digitisation and professional document scanning services including book scanning, large format scanning, Microfilm, microfiche and e-publishing services. With a key focus on mining, government and healthcare, Avantix has enabled hundreds of firms to optimize productivity, efficiency, skills and service levels.

Being appointed to this Supply Panel, which is in place for five years, also means that other NSW Government agencies can seek the services of Avantix without going through their own complex procurement process.

Persons interested in learning more about Avantix and the panel appointment can visit the website at www.avantix.com.au

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