Avante Institute Releases Startling Evidence on Surge of Kratom Addiction Cases

The Avante Institute, an Ibogaine detox center in the Bahamas announces new concerns over Kratom addiction and how Ibogaine is proving a successful option for treatment.

The Avante Ibogaine Institute today issued the following statements and informational article regarding a drastic surge in addiction cases at their addiction treatment center in the Bahamas. Touted by product manufactures as a seemingly harmless herbal supplement, Kratom has forced its way into the lives of many unsuspecting users in the United States and Canada who have found themselves dangerously addicted after relatively short-term use.

“There is a new and growing concern over addiction cases connected to Kratom. Our observations indicate Kratom products to be powerfully addictive and cause opiate-like withdrawal symptoms,” said Ava Chaise, lead clinical director at Avante Ibogaine Institute.

In their article “Kratom Detox with Ibogaine” highlighting the misconceptions and dangers of Kratom, clinical professionals at the ibogaine detox center note that the drug can be particularly challenging to treat. “Kratom’s chemical properties cause it to bind to opioid receptors with effects incredibly similar to that of opiates. Our clinical ibogaine treatment and associated detox protocols have proven exceptionally successful in treating acute Kratom addiction. Clients report no residual withdrawal symptoms and a restoration of emotional well-being,” said Chaise.

The article also indicates that a majority of users who try to detox from the drug on their own, are unsuccessful without professional intervention. Withdrawal symptoms of Kratom can be painful and long lasting; often lasting several weeks. Typical withdrawal symptoms are craving, depression, anxiety, restlessness, nausea, cramping, cold-sweats, irritability/hostility, diarrhea and runny nose.

Located in Nassau, Bahamas, The Avante Ibogaine Institute is considered one of a handful of world-leading ibogaine treatment centers responsible for helping hundreds who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction, PTSD and associated emotional conditions. The peaceful, resort-like environment offers an opportunity for complete privacy during treatment.

To read the full article on Kratom addiction and clinical ibogaine detox visit: https://avanteibogaine.com/kratom-addiction-detox/ or contact The Avante Institute @ 1-844-4-AVANTE (282683)

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