Autumn Outdoor Tents Sleeping Bag Backpacks Camping Marketplace Launched

White Star Outdoors has just announced the launch of its adventure gear online marketplace to provide customers with sleeping bag essentials, tents, and camping gear.

White Star Outdoors has just announced the launch of its adventure gear online marketplace. Their online shop is intended to provide customers with access to sleeping bag essentials, tents, and camping gear to make getting outside comfortable even in the cooler fall months.

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This recently launched online marketplace by White Star Outdoors features a wide selection of tents aimed to provide outdoor enthusiasts with options for a variety of outdoor excursions. This includes a 12-person beach camping tent, a 4-season outdoor ultralight tent for 2, a waterproof double-layer camping tent, and tents for families.

By providing tents that function in multiple environments, the new online adventure gear marketplace is intended to provide customers with the ability to enjoy their favorite activities throughout the year, whether that’s hiking, fishing, camping, or spending time with family at the beach.

White Star Outdoors’ new online marketplace also features a selection of sleeping bags aimed to make camping more comfortable throughout the year, especially as the temperatures begin to drop in the fall. They offer a versatile and comfortable lazy sofa sleeping bed, waterproof and lightweight compression bags, ultra-light polar fleece sleeping bags, and moisture-proof air mattresses.

With the aim of supplying customers with the tools and conveniences that make camping more comfortable, the new adventure marketplace makes available a selection of camping accessories. This includes a camping first aid kit, an ultralight cookware set, a multitool, telescopic hiking poles, and headlamps.

The company recognizes their audience may be interested in ideas for how best to use the available marketplace and maintains a regularly updated adventure blog that shares information on outdoor adventures. Recent posts include Five Great American Adventure Hikes, Bushcraft Skills, and the Ideal Backpack for a Hiking Vacation.

White Star Outdoors’ just-launched online marketplace backs its products with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and attest that their materials are sourced from sustainable producers, and each product showcases understated form, modern lines, and practical style.

More information on White Star Outdoors adventure marketplace, including getting a 20% off coupon for a customer’s first order, can be found at the link above.

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