AutoNet Media Releases Google My Business Marketing Service for Auto Dealers.

AutoNet Media provides dealers results-driven solutions when it comes to marketing their Google My Business listings. With their proprietary GMB marketing platform, dealerships can relax knowing their GMB is in good hands. AutoNet Media believes in transparency and accountability showing dealers result summaries every month.

AutoNet Media LLC, an Car Dealer GMB Marketing Agency, announced the rollout of its new Google My Business marketing platform to help dealers fix, monitor and market their most valuable digital asset. Unlike other digital marketing agencies in the marketplace, AutoNet Media’s expertise with GMB management and marketing will provide much needed solutions to dealerships struggling to generate leads and phone calls from their Google My Business listings.

“After spending the last four years working with auto dealers and digital marketing agencies troubleshooting GMB issues, it became apparent that almost every dealer is dropping the ball when it comes to turning their GMB into a valuable lead funnel. There is a major void when it comes to agencies that provide adequate GMB services, and we are here to fill that void,” explained Jeffrey Taylor, Founder and GMB expert at AutoNet Media. “Google has completely changed the playing field when displaying local search results, and the dealers Google My Business listing has become an extremely valuable digital asset.”

For dealers, the Google My Business marketing platform provided by AutoNet Media takes all the pressure off the dealership by ensuring that the data within their GMB is always up to date and accurate, there are no duplicates or unclaimed listings floating around, and more online shoppers are engaging and viewing their new and used (vehicle detail pages) VDPs.

“Every dealer knows the correlation between VDP views and car sales, yet no one is using the powerful GMB tools provided by Google to generate more views and leads.” said Taylor. “While most digital marketing agencies are focused on pay per click and website SEO, they are missing a huge opportunity to help dealers capitalize on the increased exposure Google My Business listings get in the Google search results.”

AutoNet Media first looks at the dealers overall presence online to determine if their current GMB listing has issues, or worse yet, Google guideline violations. “Most of the issues we find and fix are duplicate listings or unclaimed listings that in most cases the dealer does not even know exist.” Taylor went on to say. “Once we fix the dealer GMB issues we can move towards connecting the GMB to their analytics and then create lead funnels to generate more leads.”

In addition, AutoNet Media stands behind its Google My Business marketing platform by creating valuable metrics that connect the GMB data flow directly with the dealers analytics. This allows dealers to compare traffic to the website that originates from the GMB versus traffic generated from other organic search sources. According to Taylor, “Without proper channeling and segmenting all search traffic coming from Google appears to come from organic search. By setting up the metrics properly we can show that 40-50% of that traffic originated from the GMB link, with most of that traffic going to new and used VDP views.”

Long overdue, it is time for dealers to have a true Google My Business digital agency that they can rely on to keep their listings accurate, up to date, and provide a marketing service that drives more traffic and phone calls to the dealership. GMB expert Jeffrey Taylor stated, “After spending years as a GMB troubleshooter and consultant for digital marketing agencies fixing hundreds of listings and creating valuable tracking methods, I decided it is time to stop reacting and become proactive.” I have assembled a team of GMB marketing experts ready to help dealers across the nation turn their GMBs into valuable lead sources.”

AutoNet Media will begin rolling out its proprietary Google My Business marketing platform in May 2019 and will offer dealers a Free GMB analysis and online demo of the marketing platform in action. For more information on how to get a free GMB analysis and online demo, please visit

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