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Poor Man’s Garage has published a new blog series entitled This Week In Automotive History, which sheds light on the most important aspects of newsworthy happenings from automotive history for car enthusiasts. People who love learning about automotive history and other interested individuals can view the full series at

The blog series includes many interesting pieces of information, one in particular is June 13, 1978, Henry Ford II fired Lee Iacocca as president of Ford Motor Company.. This should be of particular interest to Car Enthusiasts because One can only wonder what would have happened if The Deuce and Iacocca could have found a way to get along..

One of the most important pieces of information the blogs try to convey and communicate is that it’s important to know and understand automotive history. The best example of this is perhaps found in the following extract:

‘One can only wonder what would have happened if The Deuce and Iacocca could have found a way to get along. What would Ford be today if they had led out with mini-vans and affordable, fuel efficient cars in the 1980s. Without Iacocca’s leadership, where would Chrysler be today? Would Ford Motor Company own Jeep? Would we be getting a new Bronco this year if Ford owned the best selling off-road brand? So many interesting questions that came out of a simple change of employment.’

In discussing the blog’s creation, Clancy, Author at Poor Man’s Garage said:

“From racecars to drive-in movies, This Week in Automotive History is a not to be missed look at the cars we know, love and drive every day..”

Regular readers of Poor Man’s Garage will notice the article takes a familiar tone, which has been described as ‘wildly entertaining’.

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