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The company has been developing and servicing several portals since 2002 has become very popular over the years.The company help for partners in managing online campaigns on Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook of course for hundreds of companies in developing their online marketing

Popularized webshops – fast, easy and free oppurtunity with Alkupiac

Renewed site offers fast, easy and free oppurtunity for webshops to popularize them in an optimized and automatized way.

Alkupiac is an online market where the registration is free without hidden fees. The operate of the process is very easy and fast. After the feed uploading the site will make a contact chain between the webshop and the products / services will appear on a lot of other sites .

In addition to country-wide coverage, there is an opportunity to target ads based on city and county as well as the age of viewers.

The demographic data achieved throughout the campaign is delivered to you in a report audited by GEMIUS.

The ADVANTAGES of the website are the follows: Every product’s appearance is free. From the product’s site it automatically transfer the buyer to the requested website. The users only have to import products once, afterwards, all products are automatically updated have a whole team of developers and marketing agents working to develop and OPTIMIZE the site. The Users can contact with the customer service on any platform and help to make products even more popular. It is easy to connect a webshop to which is a very favorable thing for the beginner enterpreneurs equal as the better known ones since it is comfortable for them.

After the selling mechanizm the company always create reports, statistics according to the requested datas or a complex report covering the behaviour, age, region, interest etc. Supporting by these informations and profiling the site can be much more targeted and personal.· This company holds one of the biggest advertising systems in the country·

To reach the most effective impression for the potential cutomers, there is a possibility to highlight the ad or placing a banner. This appearance guarantee the noticability for any advertiser.

As it is shown in the online measuring results, the site enjoys more and more popularity over time because it has so many very popular skill like the user friendly surface, automatized updating and the sequential measuring.

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