Automation Alliance announces new Done for You Walmart Automation Stores

Neptune Management has launched Amazon Automation Alliance, a new automated sales service to help Amazon store owners increase sales and reduce their workload. It takes the stress and hassle out of managing an online store.

Neptune Management has launched Amazon Automation Alliance, a new fully automated Amazon sales service for Amazon store owners. Their service can increase site traffic and sales, while reducing the workload on Amazon store owners.

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The Amazon Automation Alliance team take over the store management to leverage dropshipping systemic techniques and tools to enhance the growth of the store. The company’s services include inventory management, processing orders and returns, order tracking and product sourcing.

Amazon Automation Alliance is a specialist consultancy set up by online entrepreneur and Amazon sales specialist Nick Mocuta. It helps entrepreneurs increase sales through mentoring and guidance. It also uses an exclusive database to help convert site traffic into site customers.

The Amazon Automation Alliance offers a full inventory management service. They have the knowledge and expertise to know what sells on Amazon and can help clients reach their sales goals. The workload on Amazon store owners is reduced as the inventory workload will be taken on by proven Amazon and dropshipping models.

The company also provides a user-friendly straightforward ordering processing and returns system to encourage purchase and repeat purchase. Organizing returns can be a work-intensive part of running an online business and Amazon Automation Alliance ensures that the workload of order processing and returns can be completely removed from store owners responsibility.

As part of their service to increase online sales, the Amazon Automation Alliance team also analyze market trends to identify products that sell. By identifying potential big sellers early on, this enables their clients to purchase profitable products at lower prices.

The company can also manage all aspects of customer service. By using automated technology the customer is kept fully involved in the purchase process and the increased trust earned by keeping customers fully aware and informed should also translate into increased sales.

The Amazon Automation Alliance website has a number of testimonials from clients who have all enjoyed greatly enhanced Amazon sales while reducing their workload. Sample sales charts can also be reviewed on the site, which illustrate the greatly enhanced sales that can be achieved can be achieved for Amazon store owners by working with the experienced Amazon Automation Alliance team.

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