Automatic Vegetable Garden Porous Clay Capsule Irrigation System Launched

Productive Gardens, a garden equipment company based in Manly, Australia, launched EasiOyYa, an automatic garden irrigation system. EasiOyYa is based on porous clay capsules connected to a water barrel. Each capsule receives water automatically and seeps it into the ground.

Productive Gardens, an Australian garden equipment company, launched EasiOyYa, an automatic garden irrigation system based on a system of porous clay capsules.

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Agriculture has always been a life-supporting occupation for people throughout the world, as crops provided a reliable food supply throughout the year. However, even if today’s generous supply of food makes it unnecessary for most people to grow plants, many still prefer to grow their own vegetables.

Most grow vegetables and other plants in small gardens around their houses, and even urban dwellers have found convenient ways of growing plants by creating small green spaces on their balconies, on rooftops, or in large indoor pots.

One of the most important problems many gardeners are faced with is providing a constant supply of water to their plants during those periods when they are away. Since rain cannot be depended on to water the plants in most areas, finding a water source that can provide irrigation to the plants for weeks or even months without needing human assistance is essential.

EasiOyYa, the new irrigation system from Productive Garden, is based on a system of small porous clay capsules placed in the ground next to the plants. Each capsule – also known as an olla – is connected to a large water barrel, and the clay capsules are refilled as the water inside is absorbed by the plants.

Since each individual olla is refilled as it is drained, the plants are the ones that regulate how much water each olla receives. If the ground is moist enough, the clay capsules do not receive any additional water, thus allowing for a sustained irrigation system entirely according to the needs of the individual plants.

Each capsule can water an area of approximately 40 cm in diameter. The EasiOyYa kit includes 8 ollas along with the tubing and fittings required to connect to most tanks or rain barrels.

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