Automatic Interactive Cat Toy Programmable Boredom Prevention Guide Launched

A new guide to an interactive, fun and engaging cat toy has been launched. It highlights the benefits of the Cheerble Mini Ball and how it can be used to prevent cat boredom.

A new guide has been launched covering the Cheerble Mini Ball Interactive Cat Toy from Wicked Ball. It highlights the benefits of the toy and how it can help to entertain cats who are left alone for extended periods of time throughout the day.

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The newly launched guide explains that the ongoing pandemic has forced most people to stay at home for longer than the are accustomed to. This has given pet owners a new appreciation for how their cats may feel when they are left while the owner goes to work.

Research shows that 40% of cats get depressed as a result of boredom and loneliness. In the same manner as humans, they have a natural need for entertainment, and it’s for this reason that cheerble created their new toy.

The cheerble mini ball helps to combat cat loneliness and lack of excitement by providing an interactive experience while the owner is away. This helps to prevent them getting depressed through lack of activity or owner interaction.

The cheerble mini ball has a built-in timer that gives the cat predetermined periods of play and rest. It can be programmed to exercise the cat for 10 minutes, before giving them a rest period of 30 minutes. Repeat interaction ensures that the cat doesn’t get bored or lonely.

The guide explains that customers just need to push the button on the ball to adapt it to their cat’s energy level. A slow, gentle roll can be used to warm them up and get them accustomed to the new toy. It can then be programmed for more advanced sessions.

One of the primary benefits of the cheerble mini ball as outlined in the newly launched guide is its durability. The synthetic fabrics are designed to withstand regular, determined use.

The newly launched guide states: “Compared to all other interactive cat balls and also to its predecessor the Wicked Ball, the new cheerble mini ball is significantly smaller and much lighter.”

Customers ordering through the guide can enjoy a 25% discount on the RRP. Full details can be found on the URL above.

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