Automated Social Media Posting Tool for Bloggers and Content Agencies Available

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Automated social media and blog posting tool "News Poster" makes maintaining and distributing fresh content to blogs and social media a cinch. More info at

Customers looking for an exceptional automated social media and blog posting tool are now able to purchase an innovative tool called News Poster. Walter, Implementation manager at has just shared with the public more in depth details about some of News Poster’s unique combination of features.

News Poster is designed to appeal specifically to bloggers and agencies that are responsible for content generation. More information and a free trial of News Poster can be found at this link:

News Poster’s features include:

Artificial Intelligence for targeted content discovery and repurposing – This capability is a key component of the tool. Artificial Intelligence is used to greatly improve the ability to rapidly find relevant content and repurpose it by using it to automatically generate new and unique content. Customers who buy News Poster should enjoy this particular feature because it relieves the need to constantly search for and generate unique content.

Auto posting for blogs – The News Poster developers made sure to include an auto posting and content scheduling capability as part of the the tool. This auto posting capability allows for hands off content distribution thereby enabling blog owners and content managers to focus on other important aspects of their business. Users will likely appreciate this because updated blogs and websites attract more attention and also enjoy better rankings by search engines.

Social media posting – This feature was included because social media greatly enhances the distribution of content beyond the boundaries of a blog or website. This is great news for News Poster’s users as social media audiences are seen as high quality traffic that greatly increase the popularity and rankings of the underlying supplying website.

Walter, when asked about News Poster said:

“News Poster auto poster automates the integration of the essential tasks involved in finding, editing and distributing content “

Walter is particularly excited about this product because it combines artificial intelligence, content creation and content distribution within a single tool that is easy to use and at a very affordable price..

Those interested in learning more about News Poster can get more information and actually trial News Poster for free at

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