Automated Salesperson 24/7 Lead Generation Conversion Mini-Course Launched

A new mini-course has been launched to show entrepreneurs and business owners how they can automate sales and scale their business. It bridges the gap between the business and the ideal salesperson they want.

A new mini-course has been launched with a focus on training online businesses to “grow” their own in-house salesperson to take their business to new heights. For business owners who struggle with sales, this can be a revolutionary approach that opens up new avenues to success.

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The newly launched training program shows business owners how they can generate a qualified PreSale rep and get closing sales 24/7 using a self-directed system. It is designed to help small businesses scale and grow with improved sales in any niche.

After the 30 days, businesses that take part in the challenge will have built their own automated salesperson. They will be fully equipped with all the sales materials needed to take the lead by the hand through the sales process to close, resulting in a purchase.

Going down this route of automation can eliminate a number of headaches that small business owners face on a regular basis. It also takes care of many of the issues they face when employing staff.

Getting new leads and generating sales is one of the biggest issues that any small business can face. With too few leads coming in, even the most experienced salesperson will find it difficult to progress.

There are a number of constraining factors placed on a business needing to close more sales. For example, they might not be able to afford the type of salesperson they need to succeed. Equally there is a large time factor involved.

That’s where this newly released program can help, because it bridges the gap between the business and the salesperson they need.

The program allows businesses to follow a roadmap to fully equip their automated sales rep with an ideal script. They will also be able to attract leads, separate the qualified from the unqualified, handle objections, close the sale, process orders, deliver goods or services, and schedule appointments.

The team behind the movement state: “Having systems in place allow a business to run like a well-oiled machine. By implementing the best of both worlds, both human and software, the once-struggling entrepreneur is back in the game without the stress of more month than money routine.”

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