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Internet marketing mentor, Online Marketing Strategies based in California, has released webinar details for beginners, intermediate and also advanced webmasters to increase their reach and improve their traffic, leads, and return on investment.

Murrieta, California-based, Online Marketing Strategies, an online marketing mentor, has released the details of an online seminar by Dan Hollings a well-respected serial entrepreneur, which helps website owners take their site from zero to hero. Finding that many people want to create an online business, but struggle, or they invest far more capital than needed, Online Marketing Strategies is hoping to steer them in the right direction.

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Recently launched, the webinar run by Dan Hollings, the founder of Vetted Webinars, an online training venue for entrepreneurs, shows website owners how one link handles all a site’s traffic and how a smart and fast algorithm finds the best matches to increase a site’s leads.

Offering worldwide coverage for optimization with fast and simple setup, and dedicated around the clock 24-hour, 7-day a week support, the online seminar by Dan Hollings is ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. It is also suited to networks, media buyers and webmasters of any business no matter where they are situated.

Plus, the webinar shows attendees how to get the best eCPM’s for site traffic. Those using a similar system can also split test to see who provides the best results.

Focused on building better website solution for webmasters, Online Marketing Strategies act as a mentor for those wishing to expand their knowledge about creating a better online system. As such, Online Marketing Strategies works in conjunction with site owners to help them achieve actual results in real time.

When asked about the recent webinar launch, a spokesperson for Online Marketing Strategies said, “The online seminar is complementary and after attending many workshops and investing in many systems, we’ve learned that sometimes just exploring lets you find the right solution for your online business.”

To find out more about the Dan Hollings Webinar visit the link above.

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