Automated Marketing Lead Nurture Video Sales Letter Home Business Tool Announced

Krista Greener has announced a new home-based marketing system for entrepreneurs wanting to diversify their revenue streams. It provides results-backed lead engagement and video sales systems to optimize profit.

A new marketing system for home-based revenue has been announced by Krista Greener. Entrepreneurs looking to earn side income or transition into a new job working from home can sign up to benefit from four unique income streams.

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With the latest system announcement, Krista continues her mission to empower more people to achieve financial freedom. She has established a reputation for covering proven courses, programs, and tools centered on leveraging the internet for business.

Now she is highlighting a new opportunity for anyone looking to escape the 9 to 5 job cycle and obtain more freedom in their lifestyle. By investing time in the above-mentioned system, anyone can earn online with proven and results-backed methods.

By signing up for the program, entrepreneurs will access an automated marketing tool that’s designed to simplify the home business creation process. Established by renowned marketer Mack Mill, the program benefits from his two decades of experience in the field and offers “done for you” prospect engagement to streamline each element.

Once an entrepreneur has signed up to the system, they can access little-known traffic generation solutions to showcase pre-made video content to prospects. Leads are automatically added to an autoresponder, reducing admin stress and hassle.

Prospects are then presented with an automated email, which directs them to a video sales letter optimized for the best conversion results.

When the system is running, entrepreneurs just have to direct a continual stream of traffic and the automated processes will operate in the background.

The result is four unique income streams for entrepreneurs to add to their portfolios. The first generates $20 per month, while the second can be up to $2,000 per sale. The third provides monthly income alongside bonuses, and the fourth is commission-based with highs of $3,200 per sale.

Krista states: “My goal is to help other women learn to save, invest, and make extra money so that you can have more time and financial freedom.”

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