Automated Keyword Rank Tracking Software Innovates Mobile Strategy for Agencies

A new automated keyword rank checker tool has been developed in response to expected changes in Google's mobile search algorithm.

Amid Google’s recent adjustments to mobile ranking algorithms and last week’s admission that mobile-friendly rankings will be calculated in real time on a page-by-page basis, a new tool has been developed to help online marketing agencies create and track effective keyword campaigns.

In addition, a recent report by online marketing experts pegged mobile engagement for first place results to be over three times that of second place results – i.e. those in mobile search spot #1 got three times the clicks as mobile search spot #2.

In response, a company called SerpSuite has developed an automated keyword rank checker for business owners and agencies to drive insight into potentially profitable campaigns.

The tool takes traditional SEO keyword checking software a step further by finding new keywords that sites rank for, while also checking the position of any keywords uploaded to the interface.

The owners of SerpSuite are excited by the new algorithm changes, saying: “This makes it exceptionally easy for agencies and business owners to optimize the pages of their site that are driving the most engagement. Using our software gives them a list of every keyword ranking they have, and they can then see what pages on their site have the most valuable content. Taking this a step further, they can then make sure that the mobile experience on these top pages is flawless – giving them the advantage for ranking higher than the competition on every platform.”

A video review of SerpSuite shows the software in action, and can be viewed here:

The six-minute video covers multiple facets of the software, including how to set up a new site from scratch for business owners who may not be familiar with the concept of automated keyword tracking.

Business owners and agencies interested in learning more about SerpSuite can do so on the company website:

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