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A new automated CRM tool for businesses has been launched, called Lifestyle CRM. It provides a fully managed approach to prospect engagement, lead generation and marketing.

A new sales and marketing platform has been launched called Lifestyle CRM. It includes email marketing, landing page design, a marketing quiz builder and full CRM platform with mobile functionality.

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The newly launched tool is well suited to online marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners looking to improve engagement with their customer base. The sales landscape has moved online, and businesses need to buy lots of technologies to ensure success. Lifestyle CRM combines these tools in one place.

By implementing the tool in their workflow, businesses are able to leverage cutting-edge tools and systems to track and manage their marketing campaigns. This allows them to provide a more tailored, individual approach to any of their advertisements or emails.

Lifestyle CRM brings together numerous marketing and sales technologies into one platform to sell on autopilot. When a user interacts with the content, the business owner gets a notification on their mobile app and can follow up immediately.

The platform offers built-in autopilot email campaigns, and each email can be fully customized for leads by the software. This allows business owners to cater for prospect groups ranging from ten to thousands at the same time.

Entrepreneurs are able to sell from home on autopilot with a more seamless and integrated approach to business management.

According to the latest research, it takes between six and seven interactions with a consumer for them to develop trust with the business. This is where Lifestyle CRM can help with its bespoke and automated solutions.

A range of add-ons are also available, including email campaign management, marketing quiz lead magnet design, and VideoLeadz, a tool to schedule video calls with ease from within the CRM.

There are a number of benefits to using a CRM platform for online business management and internet marketing. The software helps users to centralize, optimize and streamline their marketing approaches.

Customer relationships are at the forefront of the modern business landscape. Businesses wanting to improve their core processes need to provide fast, efficient and tailored communications to stand the best chance of success.

Building better relationships with prospects leads to better customer satisfaction. This, in turn, leads to a stronger online presence and improved lead generation.

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