Automated Business Review System For Organic Search Engine Optimization Launched

An automated business review system has been launched designed to help businesses increase the number of 4- and 5-star reviews online to organically increase their visibility and Google ranking.

An automated business review system has been launched designed to organically improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results. The team behind Reviews Are Amazing explain SEO can increase a brand’s online visibility, Google rankings, and improve their business reputation.

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The newly launched automated system enables business owners to secure genuine customer reviews of four or five stars. Reviews Are Amazing says organic keywords and long tail keywords can help companies achieve a higher ranking on search engines, which in turn can attract more customers and increase their sales, revenues, and profits.

Reviews from customers have grown in importance in the digital age say the team at Reviews Are Amazing. They explain reviews can influence the decision-making process of potential customers as they balance positive and negative feedback with the date of the feedback. Positive reviews can increase a customers’ confidence in a brand and their purchase.

However, negative, false, or incorrect reviews from competitors, former employees, or disgruntled customers can significantly affect a business and its online reputation, particularly if the negative review is optimized.

Other advantages of positive reviews include the fact they can go some way to rectifying problem reviews and generate free advertising for a company. Reviews can also be used as collateral for client pitches, on websites, and during marketing presentations to attract and win new business.

Encouraging customers to leave reviews can be added to any online PR, marketing, or reputation management strategy. It can encourage engagement, interaction, and highlight areas within the business for improvement. This two-way communication process can foster relationships and encourage people to view the brand or company as someone who listens to them, say the team at Reviews Are Amazing.

A spokesperson said: “We help businesses get more real four- and five-star ratings using our accomplished automated system. Whether our customers want to increase their sales, customer base, or ranking – we can help them.”

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