Automated Business Growth Software For Sales And Marketing Optimization Launched

An automated software tool to help small and medium sized companies has been launched. The Bizzfire team explain they also help businesses grow through five-star reviews and increased visibility.

A new automated software tool designed to help start-up, small, and medium sized companies has been launched by Bizzfire. The team behind the software explain it can help business owners to achieve sustainable growth by accelerating their online user experience and ranking.

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The newly launched software can be utilized to support sales and marketing optimization. The Bizzfire team explain that they understand how competitive online platforms and channels are for independent and small business owners.

amoCRM enables business owners to create and nurture lasting relationships with their clients. Everything within the platform is tracked systematically to streamline business processes and increase efficiency explain the team.

Aside from sales and marketing optimization, the Bizzfire team explain they offer multiple tools to give businesses the edge including the Review Dingo Pro package. The team explain the aim of this product is to help business leaders and marketing managers generate five-star reviews.

This can reduce the impact of negative reviews while also enabling businesses to rank higher online across channels including Google. In addition, the product can sync the company data with over 50 review sites, business directories, and social media sites.

As well as increased online visibility, this approach can help brands to improve their credibility and reputation online. The team explain that when potential customers are searching for companies, products, and services, customer reviews and star ratings can inform and quicken the decision-making process.

Trusted reviews can also increase an individual’s confidence in a brand, which may make them more likely to complete a purchase with them. Ranking higher online also makes companies more visible the next time a customer searches for them.

In addition, API uploading to automate the review request process is included as well as free account set-up in a bid to prevent business owners from making costly mistakes.

A spokesperson said: “amoCRM is a sales and marketing solution that suits all kinds of businesses no matter the industry. We provide services such as business consulting, amoCRM account set-up, implementation, training, and more.”

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