Automated Amazon/Walmart Ecommerce Business Building Service, Optimized.

Automated e-commerce solution, Ascend Ecom, announces its updated services that allow clients to own a fully-managed digital Walmart WFS or Amazon FBA business. Differentiating itself from the rest, Ascend is vertically integrated and offers the ability to visit their warehouse facility as a client.

Will Basta, co-founder of Ascend Ecom, explains that the newly strengthened services address a need in the market for better online business opportunities. As more people are told to stay at home and practice social distancing, experts have noted a steady increase in e-commerce stores in places such as Amazon.

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Nevertheless, many people hesitate in building an Amazon business because they are unsure how to get started or operate the business. Basta elaborates that the upgraded packages at Ascend Ecom go beyond ordinary providers with fragmented, outsourced and misleading services. Instead, clients are guided throughout the entire process transparently, with a fully integrated team offering support in the building, launching, and scaling of the store so that clients earn potentially five figures in passive income each month once fully scaled.

The process is simple. Once clients sign up between the two flagship business models, they will have immediate access to the company’s team, product research specialists and fulfillment warehouse located in Dallas, TX. This is where they prep packages for clients and ship nationally. Because the warehouse is operated and used only by Ascend Ecom and its clients, this helps reduce costs and streamline their business operations.

Clients are also guided by a full team that automates each process. Ascend Ecom is a fully integrated company, with a team of more than 350 experts, from warehouse managers to customer support to product research and strategy, working together to achieve a completely automated profitable structure for each of its clients.

To date, it has helped hundreds of clients achieve at least five to six figures in store revenue each month. Because the business model operates on a hands-free passive income approach, partners simply have to provide capital for the investment, go through an onboarding process, and enjoy the convenience of a fully automated system.

Ascend Ecom likewise offers 24/7 customer service support through their client management mobile app, RYVER. The goal of all its programs is to build long-term sustainable businesses for passive income potential.

New clients are invited to schedule a discovery call with the team through its website.

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