Automated Algorithmic Forex Trading Best Beginners Investment Software Launched

Forex Trading company FlipThePips has announced the launch of its proprietary Forex algorithmic trading platform. The beginner-friendly platform opens up new possibilities for easy short-term and long-term investments in foreign exchange.

The company’s innovative new service is designed to help entrepreneurs and novice traders earn passive income from the comfort of their homes. The system is easy to understand and lets clients start generating trading revenue in as little as seven minutes.

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The proprietary trading software was created as a way to give forex traders the freedom to work from their phones while allowing for greater work flexibility. The software is intended to function as an investment tool that can be used to help users supplement their current incomes.

Forex Trading allows for the purchase of foreign goods and services, contributing in large part to the global economy. According to industry reports, the Forex trading volumes can reach as high as 6.6 billion dollars per day. The team at FlipThePips closely monitors the Forex markets to ensure their algorithm is accurate and accessible to all users.

Clients begin by creating a FlipThePips account and making a small investment that will be used to enter the Forex market. After the investment is made, the automated algorithmic trading system puts clients’ money to work instantly. The system offers faster trading speeds, better risk diversification, and greater trading discipline. The trading software works 24/7, meaning clients can enjoy its passive income benefits.

Eliminating the possibility of human error adds security, reliability, and profitability to each trade. To ensure investments are secure, the company has engineered its algorithm to reduce the financial risk to clients by up to 73%. This also makes the software more accurate and allows for faster and more efficient trading.

The latest launch is in line with FlipThePips’ mission to help make the Forex market more accessible to everyone.

A spokesperson for the company said: “People of all ages are finding FlipThePips helped maximize their profits better than other methods of Forex Trading. FlipThePips is the first truly passive hands-off trading experience for users.”

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