AutoMagic Content Amy Harrop 2019 Web Copy Repurposing Marketing Tool Launched

A new content marketing toolkit has been launched by Amy Harrop, called AutoMagic Content. It allows business owners to repurpose content and generate more leads and sales.

Amy Harrop has announced the launch of AutoMagic Content, a set of tools and training designed to help business owners make more sales through expert copy. It allows anyone to legally transform profitable content for their own use.

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Amy Harrop created the newly launched AutoMagic Content to help entrepreneurs with the content creation element of running a website. The newly launched tools mean that website owners don’t have to rely on outsourcing their content or writing their own on a regular basis.

Increasingly, business owners are turning to freelance content writers and copywriters to create compelling web content for their website. This is because of the age-old mantra that content is king.

Producing regular content and ensuring that content is engaging are key elements for ensuring success online. Business owners need to produce regular content to appease their audience and give their subscribers something to enjoy on a regular basis.

The newly launched content toolkit provides customers with 100 pages of strategies, tips and guides. These include in depth and step-by-step instructions to start implementing copywriting solutions right away.

Alongside the guides, the new launch provides customers with an accompanying video training series. Five sets of training videos are provided, covering key aspects of the copywriting process.

Another key benefit of AutoMagic Content is the content tools spreadsheet. For anyone looking for a specific tool, the spreadsheet is designed to make it easier to find and use them.

Customers will also be able to use content recipes, which are real world examples to show customers exactly what to do.

Through using AutoMagic Content, business owners can harness existing content and transform it to suit their needs. This takes the pressure off them and can help to transform their website to bring in more leads and sales.

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