Auto Search Leads vs Oggvo – affordable pricing for small businesses reviews app

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Auto Search Leads today announced it would be taking on Oggvo, with its more affordable pricing & more features for small local companies. Further information can be found at

Auto Search Leads announced earlier today, it will be taking on Oggvo with its more affordable pricing for small local companies & alternative features. This is going be of real benefit to all small business owners and should be an exciting development for those looking for best review management software for their local business.

More information can be discovered at

Auto Search Leads, a popular Review Management Software provider online, has resolved to make a strong push to be renowned for its more affordable pricing for small local companies & alternative features that customers complain their competitors don’t have. Plus establish their agency as the go-to choice for local entrepreneurs searching for best review management software for local businesses – who might otherwise typically choose Oggvo.

Steve M, Founder at Auto Search Leads, says: “We set out to provide more affordable pricing for small local companies & alternative features to our customers and we’re making this strong promotional effort, because as a small business owner myself we know first hand how difficult it can be to build your business online with customer reviews , local SEO, paid advertising methods, just all to attract more local customers that are ready to buy from your business. Our software & agency is more affordable and offers unlimited reviews on any review platform. Plus extra features such as our reputation marketing review pop to ensure 100% of local business customers actually see their businesses 5 star reviews from google, yelp etc.. which leads to over 170% increase in conversions on the clients sites.”

Auto Search Leads has always made a point of trying to do things better than other Review Management Software & agencies online for the sake of the customer. This development is just one of the many ways it manages to do that.

Steve M is also extremely proud of being the number one alternative to sites and reputation service providers like Oggvo, Birdseye, & Podium… and feels this is one of the main reasons customers have gone with them over oggvo & such other companies since the start of 2022 They have made it their number one goal to be the best alternative on the market providing a complete done for you local business marketing solution cover organic SEO, business reviews & exposure online.

This is a great chance for small business owners who seek the best review management software for their local businesses, now they can try out the new more affordable pricing & free setup for small local companies & alternative features provided by Auto Search Leads – and this goes for both new and existing customers, who will always be served with total dedication.

Steve M also said: “Auto Search Leads may not be the fist to have done this, but we all feel we’re doing it the best, so it’s my prediction local entrepreneurs will keep choosing us over Oggvo & other popular review management apps, is because we offer unbeatable value, completely managed and done for you system so new clients don’t need to do anything and almost receive instant return on investment with features our competitors do not offer to the small business owner unless they upgrade to a more costly plan. With Auto Search Leads local business owners get full access nothing held back to ensure their business is the best in their town.”

More info about Auto Search Leads and their more affordable pricing for small local companies & alternative features can be discovered at

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