Auto Profit Replicator – Video Review of Simon Saunders Binary Trading Software Platform

John Wilkinson of releases a video review of Simon Saunders Auto Profit Replicator software which provides users with a quick and easy way to trade binary options.

Simon Saunders who is the lead developer and financier of the Auto Profit Replicator software (APP) announced today that his new binary trading platform is coming out January 31st, 2015. After months of extensive beta, multi-phased testing and 2.3 million in development costs it is finally being made available to the public for the first time.

The Auto Profit Replicator is one of the first multi-dimensional software systems which has the intuitive ability to scan two pairs of currency at all times which is helpful for traders of all levels, especially beginners. Its core functionality lessens the complexity of the candle trading charts with its easy to use main menu and proprietary “4 signal scan technology”.  

The commotion surrounding this software has caught the attention of John Wilkinson, CEO of who has published an investigative video review for his followers.

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 “Historically these types of systems have been cumbersome and complicated to use with some degree of specialized knowledge required to operate them but APP has been designed from the ground up with the novice user in mind”, reports Wilkinson.

“The AutoProfit Replicator is unique in that it allows users to trade binary options completely hands off once the initial caps have been pre-set from the console. The software is a good option for traders that want to get into the binary options game without the need to learn complicated strategies and systems.”

“In addition to the software, there is a detailed step-by-step guide traders can use to get started plus personal coaching in the members area where Simon and other coaches will answer questions and be available for weekly webinars, this of course shortens the learning curve considerably.”

“In the end, we were very impressed with the software,” says Wilkinson. “Its easy to use menu console combined with the professional instruction makes it a solid choice for any binary options trader.”

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