Auto Pilot Agency Tom Gaddis 2019 Site Speed Agency Marketing System Launched

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Muncheye and Tom Gaddis announced the launch of Auto Pilot Agency, an end-to-end site speed optimization agency marketing system, on the 28th of May, 2019. The system includes the Speed Sniffer software, training content, DIY changes, and access to a team of optimization specialists.

Product launchpad Muncheye and launch partner Tom Gaddis announced the upcoming launch of Auto Pilot Agency, a comprehensive agency marketing system delivering site speed optimization for mobile and desktop devices. The product is scheduled to launch at 11 AM EDT on the 28th of May, 2019.

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Since July 2018, Google has made page speed a factor that influences ranking on mobile devices. The importance of page speed was highlighted in an earlier study that revealed 53 percent of all mobile site visits leave pages with loading times greater than 3 seconds. Consequently, bloated and slow-loading sites will receive fewer visitors and consistently rank lower than lighter, mobile-optimized sites.

Auto Pilot Agency is a web performance consultancy and complete agency marketing system. The system includes the Speed Sniffer software that finds web pages with high load times and generates a report of businesses that require optimization services. The software features Gmail access, allowing marketers to email prospective clients from within the system.

The speed update marketing system also includes over-the-shoulder training videos and communication templates. Marketers can use the Need For Speed product to explain the Google speed update and make a compelling case for how optimization can benefit a client’s ranking and business. Clients who sign on for site speed optimization services are handed off to a reliable fulfillment team.

Auto Pilot Agency also includes training content for DIY changes and performance improvements as well as case studies documenting successful optimizations.

According to product marketer and consultant Tom Gaddis, “Google’s speed update represents a significant change in the ranking algorithm for mobile searches and has a far-reaching effect on local searches. Our system gives consultants the ability to quickly deliver speed optimization to their clients anywhere in the world with the backing of trusted outsourcers.”

Auto Pilot Agency is a product by launch partners Brian Anderson, Tom Gaddis, and Nick Ponte. The product is expected to launch at a front-end introductory price of $27.

More information is available by visiting and the URL above.

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