Autism Treatment Training For Parents

Parents trying to treat their children's autism now have a tool created by an autism physician to help them. brings Dr. Kurt Woeller's nearly 2 decades of clinical experience to educate and empower parents of children on the autism spectrum.

Parents with children is on the autism spectrum, know how confusing, frightening and daunting it can be to try to find help. According to the CDC, 1 in 68 children in America has Autism. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of properly trained and knowledgeable physicians available who really understand Autism treatment. Around the world the problem is even more magnified with even fewer trained physicians and the lack of infrastructure to help.

What this means is that the parents of autistic children have had to take matters into their own hands and educate themselves as to the variety of different therapies and protocols to treat their children. Here to, information can be hard to get, with a lot of misinformation on the internet, and not a lot of reliable, proven practices to follow.

But now, parents have a new advocate in Dr. Kurt Woeller. Dr. Woeller is an experienced Autism Specialist Physician who, after nearly 2 decades of working one on one with parents in implementing biomedical protocols for children with Autism, decided to create a support tool that parents could access anywhere, anytime, day or night to find the answers to their questions regarding autism treatment.

The tool that Dr. Woeller has created is a membership-based website, This website features a complete Autism training course for parents, called Autism Recovery 101. The six-module course is a comprehensive step-by-step training program featuring videos to help parents implement biomedical autism treatment protocols through dietary changes, supplements, lab testing, and more. In addition to Autism Recovery 101, and what most parents find to be invaluable, is the parent forum section of the website. Moderated personally by Dr. Woeller, the Parent Forum allows parents to ask questions, detail experiences, and get answers directly from Dr. Woeller.

“I created to be a tool for parents trying to improve the lives of their children and family,” says Dr. Woeller. “This way, I can help many more families all over the world, than I could reach through my practice.”

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