Autism Therapy Childrens Support Dog Changes Young Boys Life Story Released

An Autism support dog has been featured in a recently released story in a new dog magazine called Excellent Dog. The dog and its family were recently featured on television.

Excellent Dog, a curation and user-generated content website focused on all things dogs released a story about the benefits of dog ownership for children with autism. The story involves Alex Duthie and his dog Chester and the changes that have occurred since Chester was added to the family.

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The release of this story about Chester and Alex’s relationship is a touching testimony of the power of a dog in a young boy’s life. This story brings hope and a viable solution to the many families with a child that has autism.

Alex Duthie, a 7-year-old boy from the UK, has had autism since the age of four. The signs appeared earlier than that, but his condition was only assessed and diagnosed when he was four years old.

The diagnosis shocked Anna and Adrian, Alex’s parents, who struggled with their son’s condition. Alex has sensory processing disorder (SPD) and struggles with debilitating anxiety. This condition caused Alex to meltdown every time his sensory sensitivities were triggered. They had to guard him against bright lights and loud sounds.

Other challenges included keeping Alex from water and movement. This dangerous reality forced Alex to be isolated for the safety of his life.

The release of this story explains that autism is not only stressful for Alex but everyone in the family. Fortunately, Anna and Adrian came across Support Dogs and were able to adopt a therapy dog named Chester.

The story goes on to explain the profound changes this autism support dog has helped Alex be able to communicate with love and affection, and Chester has been trained to keep Alex out of harm’s way when he is outside.

The family recently appeared on This TV Morning show as a testimony to the difference this autism therapy and support canine has made in Alex’s life. The family and their new member, Chester the support dog, were the stars of the show as they celebrated World Autism Week.

Today, the Duthie couple is more confident going out to the public with Alex and their appearance on This Morning show is one proof to that. Watch the video below to know more about this loving family. The video of this appearance may be viewed at

The release of this story by the Excellent Dog is just one example of the type of content that may found on this website.

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