Autism Recovery Website Has Private Messaging Giving Direct Access To Physician is a physician driven Autism Treatment membership website featuring an interactive private messaging system where parents can directly interact with an Autism doctor. Members can also access Autism Recovery 101, videos, articles, treatment protocols, lab testing and step-by-step guidance on administering various interventions.

Implementing new treatments for people on the Autism spectrum can be a daunting task. Not knowing what to expect, or understanding reactions to various protocols can be confusing and frightening. Families need support, patience, and guidance while working to recover a child from Autism. A new feature from Autism Recovery System—a private messaging system that allows caregivers to communicate directly with an Autism Physician Specialist—is bringing much needed piece of mind to the families of those on the Autism Spectrum.

Dr. Kurt Woeller is an experienced biomedical autism recovery physician. After years of working one-on-one with parents in implementing biomedical protocols for children on the autism-spectrum, Dr. Woeller created a website that parents can access anytime–day or night–exactly when they most needed support and answers from a medical professional. He created, a membership website that provides comprehensive step-by-step training and help for caregivers of Autism Spectrum Disorder patients. The website includes Dr. Woeller’s revolutionary 6 module treatment course, called Autism Recovery 101. In addition to Autism Recovery 101, the website includes a parent forum, moderated personally by Dr. Woeller. The Parent Forum allows parents to ask questions, detail experiences, and get answers directly from Dr. Woeller. The questions and answers are catalogued, so any website subscriber can access the information, day or night. Best of all, the website has a multi-language feature, so no matter the preferred language or geographical location, parents all over the world can interact via the Parent Forum.

New to the Parent Forum is a private messaging feature, which allows parents to have direct and private communication with Dr. Woeller, day or night. Private messaging allows families to privately give specifics of a situation and get recommendations and feedback pertinent to their situation—without a visit to the doctor’s office.

Charlotte’s grandson is on the Autism Spectrum.

“At age 3 1/2 we got the news “Your son/grandson has Autism.” When I heard those words I knew that I would have to be the one to find the roads we needed to travel. After reading books and researching the internet ,I felt we needed to do Biomedical treatments. Living in a small town, we had no Autism doctors. For two years we struggled to get the help we needed, trying to find doctors that would support the Bio Medical protocol. That’s when we found Dr. Kurt Woeller. In just 3 short weeks we had a doctor working with us and leading us down the roads we needed to travel. Today because of the wonderful advice and educational videos, we have a grandson that is (we believe) on the final road to recovery. We know we will be in a fight possibly for the rest of our lives to keep him recovered, but we also know we are not alone. We have a great leader. I know that I can ask questions on the Private Forum and seek immediate advice. This is absolutely the most powerful website in educating the parents of our precious children. We will forever be grateful and thankful for the help that we are receiving.”

Charlotte is not alone. Hundreds of families have turned to and implemented the protocols and biomedical autism information offered through the site. Not only have the protocols put children on the road to improvement, but parents feel mentally and emotionally stronger dealing with the painful effects of autism.

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