Autism Recovery 101 Teaches Parents How To Treat Their Children’s Autism

Autism Recovery 101 is an online autism treatment training course for parents and care givers of someone with an autism-spectrum disorder. As autism rates among American children skyrocket, the lack of qualified physicians is forcing parents to learn and treat their own children.

The number of children being diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder has grown at an alarming rate. In the 1970’s, it was estimated that 1 in about 10,000 had autism. Today, the CDC estimates that number to be about 1 in 68 in the USA, alone. It is even worse internationally.

Because of this dramatic increase, there is simply not enough physicians and health-care professionals with the specialized experience and knowledge to help those dealing with autism. Therefore, parents have taken on the role of intervening on behalf of their children’s health.

“I am very excited to offer this Autism Treatment course for parents as a way to educate themselves on how to treat their autistic children,” says Dr. Kurt Woeller, creator of Autism Recovery 101, and internationally renowned autism treatment physician. “The first step in health intervention is always education, and it is critically important that a parent feel empowered in the process of biomedical intervention for their child,” states Dr. Woeller.

Autism Recovery 101 is an online course, features practical, and time efficient material for busy parents who want to gain knowledge about various biomedical options, including diet, nutritional supplements, digestive health problems, yeast overgrowth, and much more. In addition to the live lesson modules and Q & A sessions, the course includes access to a private online forum run by Dr. Woeller, where parents can interact, ask questions, and have Dr. Woeller mentor them while they learn.

“Autism Recovery 101 was a life saver for us,” says Nancy Schmidt, parent of a child with autism. “We live very far away from an autism specialist doctor, so being able to learn online and directly interact with Dr. Woeller made treating my son’s autism much more easy to understand and quicker to implement.”

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