Author King Nazir Muhammad Invites Readers To Become A Schizophrenic For A Day

Author King Nazir Muhammad announces his 12 book collection covering a wide-range subjects including homosexuality, racism, culture, politics and religion, and everything in between.

Author King Nazir Muhammad announces his 12 book collection that covers such wide-ranging subjects as homosexuality, racism, culture, politics and religion, and everything in between.

In an effort to validate the thoughts and opinions of the mentally ill, King Nazir Muhammad released the 12 book series under the provocative title “Looking at America through the eyes of a Schizophrenic.”

The author’s mind-bending work transforms the reader into a schizophrenic for a day taking a first-hand look into a mentally ill perspective on all of society’s social, political and religious issue.

After completing this mental transformation, hopefully with their sanity still intact, Muhammad promises readers they will never see America or the mentally ill quite the same way again.

Muhammad says he wants to give a voice to the mentally ill, America’s most voiceless, isolated and what he considers the most pre-judged group ever.

Labeled The Schizophrenic Messiah, Author King Nazir Muhammad provides a virtual alternate reality into real life, entertaining readers with an “other world perspective” on a range of issues. Everything is seen through the eyes of a mentally ill author, who gives sane readers a 3D look into how a Schizophrenic sees the world.

“The mentally ill have an opinion that the world refuses to listen to because they are mentally ill. But what if their opinion is the missing point of view that could solve society’s sicknesses? Because only the sick can tell you what the sick need to better their condition … If only the world would listen.” – King Nazir Muhammad.

Muhammad aims to bend readers’ minds and have them second-guessing what is normal, as he stigmatizes “the so-called normal people” as the real nut-cases. As a schizophrenic, Muhammad casts off responsibility for his actions, giving him unlimited freedom to contradict society’s norms in a way not heard before in literary circles.

Titles in the collection include “Literary Crack,” the most highly addictive drug ever created; “White America’s Messiah,” how the Black Messiah favored white people over blacks, and “The Lesbian Bible,” which provides the formula for creating a lesbian mindset.

After reading the 12-book series, it is clear that any thought of the author being crazy has gone, and this collection at least proves that “crazy doesn’t mean stupid.” There is a method to the madness of the author that aims to make the world pay more attention to people with mental illnesses.

The 12-book collection is available through Createspace.

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