Author Clarence KD McNair Release Jaw-Breaking Book “Decoding Hate”

No one has given the answers to solve why people hate until now. It’s time we get everyone on both sides the help they need. There’s no cure to hate without understanding.

Many people use the word hate as a form of expression to describe an emotional reaction to another individual. While we live in a society that thrives on division amongst groups for various reasons, Author Clarence KD McNair wanted to dig deeper into one of the biggest problems known to man: the mystery of hate. Scheduled to release in January 2022, his book “Decoding Hate” seeks to raise awareness and give some understanding as to why people hate. While there could be a million reasons why people exude this behavior, McNair aims to advise on how people can communicate better, interact more, and eliminate their walls.

“In this book, we will discuss social media and how the influencer community cultivates hate based on the new digital age we live in,” McNair states. “Everyone has had someone to dislike them for various reasons, so I wanted to develop this concept to help people who experience hate and who participate in hate knowingly and unknowingly.”

The development of this book began in 2017 when he noticed violent hate crime rates and social media bullying were on the rise. According to the Department of Justice, there were over 15,138 hate crimes submitted by law enforcement agencies in 2020. Many of these crimes resulted in bias incidents of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and gender.

“From artists getting murdered in their hometown to organizations working against certain individuals to relational hate turning into crimes. We’re living in a time where people are bullied to death, hate crimes bias towards gender preferences, race and beliefs, and people envying other individuals for unknown reasons,” McNair continues.

The ultimate goal of this book is to help people identify some of the roots of hate, and influence individuals to develop a heart of understanding towards one another. McNair believes people respond based on triggers from trauma, dissatisfactions present in their own life, or from being programmed at a young age on how to treat people. The book will also include a section for personal daily reflections for people to document their challenges, and write out their commitments to fixing various elements within themselves.

“Oftentimes, we’ve been conditioned to see one another in a certain light during our early childhood. However, not seeing people in that same light can cause people to become envious. I believe that if these emotions aren’t corrected early on, it can become dangerous later on,” he states.

McNair is a former Motown recording artist who is known as a best-selling author in men’s health and mental health. He hopes this book will save lives and challenge individuals to look within themselves before projecting their perception onto other people. The book will be available online and in specific book stores January 2022. For more information, follow @mcnairbooks on social media.

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