Author Christopher Lentz Receives Critical Appraisal from NY Literary Magazine

Author Christopher Lentz receives critical appraisal from the NY Literary Magazine for his Historical Romance novel "Blossom on the Road of Dreams". The 2nd installment in his rags-to-riches and riches-to-rags series, this novel was named "a powerful, extraordinary romance worth savoring" by NY Literary Magazine.

Author Christopher Lentz receives critical appraisal from the distinguished NY Literary Magazine for his latest historical romance book “Blossom on the Road of Dreams”. The prestigious NY Literary Magazine described his novel as “Fast-paced, packed with emotions…an electrifying read.”

“Blossom on the Road of Dreams” is the second action-packed, romantic thriller in Lentz’s historical romance series “Blossom”. His debut novel (and the first in this series) was featured in 2015 on Amazon’s Top Ten “Hot New Releases” list. “Blossom on the Road of Dreams” tells the story of lovers in 1906, embarking on the ultimate road trip on a path of no return, fleeing the ashes and their past lives in San Francisco.

The book “Blossom on the Road of Dreams” has been praised by readers as a must-read, fun and adventurous story full of action and cliffhangers. “Christopher Lentz makes you feel like you are a part of their journey and dreams!” Reader Diane Hachadoorian wrote in her Amazon reader review. “This book is beautifully written and a wonderful continuation of Blossom’s story. It has everything: drama, romance, and adventure!” reader Michael Miller said.

In their editorial review of “Blossom on the Road of Dreams”, the NY Literary Magazine wrote “Blossom on the Road of Dreams is an unforgettable journey featuring layered, multicultural characters, well-drawn authentic settings, and a powerful, extraordinary romance worth savoring.”

Kirkus Reviews praised Christopher Lentz’s first book in this series, calling it “an admirable debut”. His first novel took him five years to complete. While working as a corporate-marketing executive, Lentz wrote “Blossom” on a notepad during his lunch breaks.

When asked in an interview with the NY Literary Magazine what inspired him to write his “Blossom” series, Christoper Lentz replied, “A nighttime walking tour of Chinatown sparked the setting and my heroine’s character. While in a dark alley, we peeked through a doorway and watched women making fortune cookies by hand.” Lentz informed the magazines that four additional installments of the Blossom Trilogy—a combination of novellas and full-length novels—are in the works.

About Christopher Lentz’s “Blossom” Series:

The “Blossom” series begins with a forbidden romance set during the week leading up to and including the great earthquake and firestorm that destroyed much of San Francisco in 1906. Set against the vistas of the Golden State, the “Blossom: rags-to-riches and riches-to-rags series has everything: the juxtaposition of rich and poor; the constraints and rules of a bygone age; the timeless clash of generations and traditions; the arrogance of man and the wrath of Mother Nature. It’s a

The lessons to be learned are clear. Life is uncertain. Love can be unshakable. The future is unknowable. The unthinkable is always possible.

The story brings together the variety of multi-cultural people who call California home. From the gold fields of Northern California to the whorehouses of San Francisco, and from the mansions of Pasadena to the new-born movie studios of Hollywood, the series embraces three vibrant generations of Americans.

With the first book, every turn of a page is a countdown to a doomsday face-off with disaster and the explosive power of blooming love. The second and third books, plus several bridging novellas, continue the saga by capturing the highs and lows of love told through the experiences of Southern California’s hardworking folks and glittering elite.

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About the Author Christopher Lentz:

Christopher Lentz writes historical and contemporary romances, as well as historical-fiction novels. His stories are about second chances, misfits who find ways to fit in, and how love changes everything. Prior to becoming an author, Lentz worked as a corporate-marketing executive. Christopher Lentz is one of the few men among 15,000 female members of the Romance Writers of America association. He lives in a haunted Victorian house, and dresses up as Winnie the Pooh at Disneyland.

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