Author and Podcaster, Kevin Brucher, Offers 5 Keys to a Successful Retirement

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Author and Podcaster, Kevin Brucher, Offers 5 Keys to a Successful Retirement. To access the podcast and book go to and request your copy.

Scottsdale, Arizona, January 27, 2021 — Silver Leaf Financial, Inc., an Arizona-based independent, family-owned registered investment advisory firm focused on doing what is best for their clients, free from any third-party influence or conflict of interest. Kevin Brucher, the company’s president and CEO believes that financial advice should be objective and forthright and that fees and expenses should be transparent. Kevin says that he strives to help clients realize their dreams by offering retirement and investment solutions designed around their personal situation.

Kevin Brucher is the co-author of the soon to be released book, The Millionaires Guide to Tax-Free Money for Long Term Care, and he does a weekly podcast called Cruising Through Retirement with Kevin Brucher. The podcast offers retirement and income planning in a fast-paced format. Kevin would like to invite anyone considering retirement to listen to his recent podcast “5 Keys to a Successful Retirement” where he offers the opportunity to get his book by the same title, “5 Keys to a Successful Retirement”.

To access the podcast go to and request your copy of Kevin’s book, “5 Keys to a Successful Retirement”. You can also find his podcast on Apple podcast or on most podcast channels.

Kevin has served in the financial industry since 1990, helping clients preserve and grow their assets, increase their retirement income, minimize their taxes, and transfer wealth to their heirs more efficiently. He founded Silver Leaf Financial in 2003 on a mission to help his clients pursue their retirement dreams, while daily earning the trust they place in him. Kevin says,” he loves the moment when he sees clients become comfortable and relaxed, knowing that they have a strategy in place that will help them accomplish their financial goals.”

Kevin began his career as a financial advisor with a regional securities firm, quickly rising to become a supervising branch manager and registered principal, supervising the daily activities of more than 50 financial advisors and administrative personnel. Considered by many long-term clients as a friend, his ability to be a good listener has led to many confiding in him more than they do their own children. His clients come from all backgrounds and from around the world, and he has been retained by the State of Florida Department of Financial Services as a subject matter expert. Kevin holds Series 63 and 65 securities registrations and is life and health insurance licensed.

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