AUTEC Car Wash Systems Publishes Post Highlighting History of Car Washes

AUTEC Car Wash Systems, a leading manufacturer of automatic car wash equipment, has published a blog post highlighting the evolution of the car wash industry.

AUTEC Car Wash Systems is a leading manufacturer of automatic car wash equipment based in North Carolina. AUTEC provides dealerships, car wash investors, gas stations, and other car wash locations with the automatic equipment they need to operate on a daily basis.

AUTEC has recently published a blog post on its website discussing how the first automatic car wash started. Per the post, here are the main takeaways as they relate to the timeline of the car wash evolution:

– 1914 – The first car wash opened in Detroit, MI. This was a traditional soap and scrub method involving entirely manual labor.

– 1940 – The first car wash utilizing an automatic conveyor system opened in Hollywood, CA. This involved a winch system which pulled the car through a tunnel, but the washing was still entirely manual.

– 1946 – The first semiautomatic car wash system opened. This system pulled the car on a conveyor belt and utilized an overhead sprinkler to soak the vehicle. The washing was still provided through manual labor.

– 1951 – The first entirely automatic car wash opened in Seattle, WA. This automated everything, from pulling the vehicle through the tunnel to soaking, washing, rinsing and drying.

The entire post discussing the details of the progression of car washes can be read by visiting the website for AUTEC Car Wash Systems here:

AUTEC Car Wash Systems, founded by Tom Hobby, first opened its doors in August of 1981. Though the first automatic car wash opened thirty years prior, manual driveway washing was still a very common practice. It was around this time that car owners began turning to fast and easy alternatives to wash their vehicles, and AUTEC quickly earned its reputation for providing customers with exceptional wash quality, hassle-free operations, and long-lasting equipment.

Anyone interested in investing in an automatic car wash system is encouraged to get in touch with an AUTEC representative today. AUTEC is headquartered in Statesville, NC and provides automatic car wash equipment to business owners and investors around the world.

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