Austria Duffel Bag Large Unisex Gym Fitness Center Accessory Launched

The most unique fitness center duffel bag has been released by the EU renowned distributor, Alpin Loacker. This duffel bag is designed to provide a safe space for people as they return to the gym.

Alpin Loacker, the leading fitness center accessory distributor located in Vorarlberg, Austria has launched an elite all-purpose duffel bag designed for gyms, fitness clubs, and work out centers around the world. The duffel bag was designed for fitness buffs and is available now for shipping throughout Europe, Britain, and beyond.

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The launch of this duffel bag was prompted by a recent study revealing that people were being slow to return to their gyms because of the pandemic. This release of this quality gym bag is Alpin Loacker’s attempt to encourage men and women to get back to their gyms and stay fit.

This high quality fitness center duffel bag provides a safe space that allows users to be able to carry everything they need and avoid lockers that could harbor some sort of health hazard.

This unisex bag comes in jet black and grey. The black comes in a 70 litre size and an extra-large 100 litre. The grey comes in the 70 litre size only at this time. This gym bag has many fans throughout the EU and Britain and possesses several unique features that make it an attractive choice for visits to the gym.

The Alpine Loacker Duffel Bag comes with 5 cleverly divided different compartments: a main compartment, side compartment for shoes on the outside, 2 compartments on the inside. These 5 compartments allow fitness enthusiasts to organise their gym clothes efficiently and stay safe from the locker room.

The waterproof and dirt-resistant material keeps gym clothes and equipment dry and the duffel bag easy to clean. No matter what the weather gym clothes and fitness equipment will be dry and safe.

Fitness center visitors can confidently carry this duffel bag into any workout environment and be assured that water, dirt, or toxins will be repelled by the scientifically designed material. Alpine Loacker has built its reputation on providing the highest quality items in the fitness industry.

Other unique features include a hands-free backpack option. Gym enthusiasts have expressed enthusiasm for this option because they can sterilize their hands and keep them sterile while their clothing and other essential gear stays safe on their back. This feature also allows one to keep hands free for paperwork, smartphones, a bottle of hand sanitizer, or other critical items as the world moves through the pandemic.

As an added incentive to order today, Alpin Loacker is offering a substantial discount to shoppers during the launch period of this innovative duffel bag. Worldwide shipping and various pay options in multiply currencies is available on the website.

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